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Houston Astros’ outfielder George Springer knows what it’s like to shy away from conversations.

The 25-year-old athlete grew up with a stutter so severe that he rarely talked to people other than close friends and family. While his stutter has improved over the years, he knows how isolating and frustrating it can be, especially for children.

That’s why, while he is on the disabled list with a broken wrist, Springer is helping kids cope with the speech disorder by hosting events and raising money for Camp SAY, and the Stuttering Association for the Young.stutterer-singer.jpg

Helping Stutterers Find Their Voice – In the Arts (Video)


“I think it’s important for kids to see anybody not letting anything stop them from being who they want to be and being the person they want to be,” Springer told KTRK-TV.

Camp SAY, a two-week camp in Hendersonville, North Carolina, offers a traditional camping experience with activities to help kids ages 8-18 empower themselves and gain confidence by building effective communication skills.

As for Springer, he says after years of struggling with stuttering, his teammates now tease that they can’t get him to stop talking.

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