Ellie Walker and Widower-Sainesbury Press Office

Ellie Walker was heartbroken when she heard that Edwin Holmes would be spending Christmas Day alone – so she invited him to dinner over the holiday break.

When he showed up for the “date”, he arrived wearing his best suit with flowers in hand, reducing Ellie to tears.

86-year-old Edwin has lived alone since his wife passed away in 2006 and his children moved to Australia. Ellie, who works at a Sainesbury’s store in Leeds, England, had always considered Edwin her favorite customer. So when she heard about his loneliness, she didn’t hesitate to ask him out.

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The two have enjoyed regular lunches and coffee meet-ups since their initial dinner

“He said it was his first ‘date’ in 55 years and he was as nervous as a schoolboy,” Ellie told the Sun. “It made me cry because I could see how much it meant to him.”

“For me it’s the most important part of my job to speak with customers and see how their day is going.”

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