Mystery Boy Hugs Dog FB Hollie Breaux Mallet

A Louisiana woman was inspired to solve the mystery of who was the pint-sized trespasser caught on her security camera — not to punish him, but to welcome him to play with her dog.

On her security video, Hollie Breaux Mallet saw a little boy suddenly stopping at the house for a love pit-stop, during which he briefly hugged her dog, Duchess, before running back to his bike and racing off.

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Hollie posted the video (see below) to Facebook along with a plea for help to identify him.

“Anyone know who this sweet little boy is?” she wrote. “I’d like to tell him he’s welcome to stay and play.’” She said Duchess loves the attention.

Neighbor Ginger Clement Breaux realized it was her son Josh in the video and got in touch with Hollie.

Josh’s dog had recently died and the little boy loved seeing Duchess. His mom said he talked about Hollie’s pup “all the time.”

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The boy was embarrassed and “turned ten shades of red” when the women showed Josh the video—but then he learned he could visit Duchess anytime — without having to sneak past the hidden camera.

(WATCH the video from Hollie Breaux Mallet) – Photos: Hollie Breaux Mallet, Facebook

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