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Movie stars, tech founders, and athletes formed a fundraising flash mob Thursday, paying for 12,000 different school projects and requests in cities across the United States.

Late-night comedian Stephen Colbert helped organize the nationwide support for teachers after personally funding every school project in his home state of South Carolina last year, using his favorite charity, DonorsChoose.org.


He and the charity created the new campaign called “Best School Day” to be a single day surge of giving during which celebrities could use their fame and wealth to help schools across the country.

The website DonorsChoose.org, which lets the public personally donate to school projects that interest them, collected $14 million dollars that day as 58 actors, athletes, and entrepreneurs joined the cause for education.

Samuel Jackson picked up the tab for more than 300 classroom projects in Chattanooga, Tennessee while fellow actor Ashton Kutcher funded all 83 in his home state of Iowa.

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Tennis champ Serena Williams paid for more than 800 projects for the Compton, California area. Twitter founder Biz Stone covered costs for Boston, Massachusetts and the Tesla chief and PayPal founder Elon Musk paid for projects around Reno, Nevada, as well as Los Angeles, California, and parts of Texas.

At the same time as the celebrities posted videos telling stories about their #BestDayEver at school, they challenged their fans to help the teachers and schools in their own hometowns.

At its website, DonorsChoose.org has a full list of the celebrities who took part along with their reasons for supporting the flash funding project.

“Best School Day is probably the best thing I’ve ever been involved in,” Colbert earnestly today CBS News.

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