Film-A Small Act-premiereA woman in Sweden started sending money to a children’s charity in Africa and little did she know that because of her small payments a Kenyan youth she had never met would end up going to Harvard Law School. The story, as depicted in a new emotion-packed HBO documentary, doesn’t end there.

The film “A Small Act” tells the story of Chris Mburu, who grew up in poverty in Africa. Thanks to his benefactor, Hilde Back, he is today the acting coordinator of the anti-discrimination section of the United Nations Human Rights Agency.

Mburu paid tribute to his benefactor by establishing the Hilde Back Education Fund in 2003 before he had even met her in person. The organization offers financial support to children of Kenya.

After some viewers saw “A Small Act” at the Sundance Film Festival screening, donations quickly soared. One anonymous donor in London gave $250,000 to support the fund.

(READ the story at CNN and WATCH the film’s trailer below)

Thanks to Craig Withers for submitting the link!


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