Cop comforts elderly man Screenshot ITV news

A police constable in England prepared for the worst after receiving an emergency call from a couple in their 90s.

But when Stu Ockwell and his partner from the Manchester Police Department showed up, they found no medical emergency–only a lonely couple who needed someone to talk to.

Fred Thomson is 95 years old and blind; his wife, Doris, who struggles alone to care for him, is also 95.

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Constable Ockwell decided they did need help — someone to take the pressure off Doris and keep Fred company for a while. The bobby brewed up some tea then sat and chatted with them for half an hour, while Fred happily told stories about his service in World War II.

“He’s an amazing character and had us in fits of laughter,” Ockwell told ITV News. “It made my day.”

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(WATCH the video below from ITV) — Photo: ITV News, via The Telegraph

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