After seeing a protest against police brutality on the news, a young aspiring police officer named Jeremie Bordua asked his mom if he’d picked the wrong profession.

“Mom, the cops are still the good guys, right?” he wondered.cropped Ethan-Green-and-Police-Dog-Screenshot-KSTP

9-Year-old Boy Skips Birthday Gifts to Help Protect Police Dogs

The 10-year-old from Lansing, Michigan didn’t like the idea of “good” police officers being mistaken for the “bad ones.” He’s been bullied at school and knows how it feels to be unfairly treated.

That’s when he decided to throw a police “thank-you party.” After his mother explained that they couldn’t afford it, he decided to give up his own birthday party to make sure the idea could work.

“The police are more important than any birthday party,” Jeremie told CBS’s Steve Hartman.

Mother and son got to work making and selling cookies throughout the summer to raise money for the party. Jaden Hayes screenshot CBS

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Jeremie often visited the police station to deliver some of those cookies to the officers.

“There faces would light up.. and it did start to improve morale,” a spokesperson for the Lansing Police Department told CBS.

Hundreds of officers are expected to attend the party, which will take place on Jeremie’s 11th birthday in February.

(WATCH the video below from CBS)

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