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The hungry, homeless, and poor always have a hot meal waiting for them at this Indian restaurant.

Parkash Chhibber, owner of Indian Fusion in Edmonton, Canada, has posted a sign on the establishment’s back door promising free meals for anyone who needs one. The sign reads:

“Dear Friends, If you are hungry and have no money to pay, just ring the bell below or come in for a free meal box/coffee any time.”

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He offers a vegetarian option as well as meat dishes and every day has fed up to 15 people.

Chhibber says it’s a way to give back to the community after a 1992 accident left him with broken bones and unable to work.

“I went from king to beggar in one night,” he told CBC News. “I always had fire in me that if ever I had a chance to help, I would.”

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Immediately after paying off his business loan two years ago, Chhibber began helping others. He started offering the free meals in October, 2015, and says he next plans to create an additional seating area if those coming for free meals want to stay.

(READ more at CBC News) — Photo: Indian Fusion, Facebook

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