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New Cow Feed Causes Fewer Farts, Say Swiss Inventors Who Want to Curb Global Warming

The specialized recipe could put a big dent in the amount of harmful flatulence that is produced by livestock.

You Should Finally Learn to Love Yourself: A ‘How To’ Manifesto For Depression Awareness Month

If you struggle with self-esteem issues, then there is a question that you should ask yourself to examine the cause and effects of your issues.

This New Hyperloop Pod is Set to Whisk Passengers Between Cities at 760mph

We are now one step closer to being able to take ground transportation from Los Angeles to San Francisco in less than thirty minutes.

Bus Cleans the Air: Sucking Up Pollution As It Travels

If proven to be successful, then buses all over the UK could soon be fitted with the air-cleaning tech.

North and South Korea Have Begun Clearing the Mines in the DMZ

The initiative is another step forward in the peace talks between North and South Korea.

California Has Just Approved Law Requiring All Cosmetics to Be Cruelty-Free

In an exciting show of display for animal welfare, California will soon require all cosmetics sold in the state to be cruelty-free.

Simon Cowell Donates Over $32,000 to Close Down South Korean Dog Meat Farm

The “X Factor” host's donation also inspired a slew of fans to follow in his footsteps and open their wallets for the rescue mission.

When Student Accepts Stranger’s Accidental Invitation to a Funeral, She Becomes ‘Brightest’ Part of the Day

This week, Leena Ali and Dawn Burke were total strangers – but an accidental text message ended up bringing them together at a woman's...

Supreme Court Strikes Down Archaic Adultery Law in India Because ‘A Husband is Not the Master’

The Indian Supreme Court overturned the the ancient law on the grounds that it is “arbitrary, and it offends the dignity of a woman.”

Woman Has Just $50 to Spend on Hurricane Victims But Store Manager Tells Her to Fill Up Some Carts Instead

Shelli Tench was ready to spend her last $50 on clothes for hurricane victims – but then the manager of her local Walmart stepped in to help instead.

Man Once Mocked for Shaving on Public Transit Has Gotten Money, Job Offers, and His Dignity Back

A mean-spirited social media video has turned into an outpouring of support for a homeless man who wanted to look nice for his family.

Drug That Can Alleviate or Even Completely Eliminate Celiac Symptoms May Be Available as Early as 2021

This university has created a simple medication that can directly attack gluten molecules and render them harmless.

Boy Thought to Be Nonverbal Can Speak After Dentist Discovers He is Simply ‘Tongue-Tied’

A 6-year-old boy's life has been utterly transformed as a result of his dentist thinking to look under his tongue.

Daughter is Overwhelmed by Internet’s Response to Her Request for Grieving Father’s Birthday

When a woman asked for help from the internet, she was shocked by how thousands of social media users rose to the challenge.

Father-Daughter Duo Donates $44 Million Ranch for University Veterinary Students

The “unprecedented” gift will ensure that students will have an invaluable resource for learning about animal medicine and sustainable farming.

These Paralyzed People Are Beginning to Walk Again Thanks to Electrical Implant

This groundbreaking new therapy has restored mobility to four paralyzed patients who have not been able to walk for years.

Indonesian Teenager Spends 49 Days Adrift at Sea in Fishing Hut, His Tears Turning to Joy With Rescue

The 19-year-old was rescued more than 77 miles at sea – but he was reportedly returned home in good health.

New Study Shows That Weight Loss Can Be Boosted Fivefold Thanks to Novel Mental Imagery Technique

This new research shows that visualizing weight loss may be just as beneficial as receiving professional dietary advice.

In Historic First, Scientists Have Landed Rovers On an Asteroid and They’re Transmitting Photos

If successful, the space agency will be responsible for the “world's first sample return mission to a C-type asteroid.”

Community is Overjoyed to Pitch in and Care For New Local Celebrity: The Island’s Only Duck

Niue has plenty of tourist traffic to their little island – but they have never been visited by a duck before.