Starting on November 1st, Denver, Colorado will be offering homeless citizens employment on day shifts for a full year.

The program known as Denver Day Works will allow participants living in poverty to choose a three to six hour shift with starting pay at $12.59. None of the workers have to participate in a background check or contract – they just have to show up.

Even if a prospective laborer doesn’t have proper identification, there are supportive services at the ready for special arrangements.

The city has budgeted $400,000 for the Day Works program with the goal of paying up to 300 people throughout its pilot year from November 2016 to October 2017. Since the labor is as simple as planting trees or plowing snow, the project will hopefully lead to full-time employment for some of Denver’s homeless population.

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When participants finish their shifts, the program’s administrator will even offer financial planning services at no additional cost.

Not all the of the laborers will likely be connected with full time jobs once the program concludes, but the city hopes to engage at least 300 people, connect 150 to a work experience, retain at least 70 of the participants for more than one day of work at either city or established contract sites, and connect at least 49 of the participants to permanent work.

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