Have you ever felt like you didn’t have enough time to volunteer? Do you ever feel like you haven’t had enough money to donate to charities? Do you ever wonder what happens to the animals at your local shelter?

That’s where Teddy Food comes in.

Teddy Food is an online platform that offers live streams of the animals being helped at rescue shelters. Users who donate to one of the seven shelters connected through the platform can watch as their donation is put to good use in real time.

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Since the organization was created roughly one year ago, the feature has encouraged viewers to help over 250 different animals around the world – all from the comfort of their computer screens. Whether it’s feeding a young homeless kitten, or paying for the surgery of a dog across the country, or donating toys to neglected animals; Teddy Food makes volunteering virtually effortless – and a lot more transparent.

The more homeless pets that users take care of, the more “Teddy Points” they earn. Donors can then share their scores on social media to encourage friends into participating.

Since animal shelters have started connecting to the platform, they found that pets are more likely to find homes, and rescue organizations are more likely to find sponsorship. Pair that with the amount of users who get to benefit from watching their money help cute animals, and the technology really creates a win-win situation.

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Teddy Food was first created when Pavel and Varya Kotosova were taking their dog Teddy for a walk outside of their home in Moscow. While on their leisurely stroll, Teddy ended up leading his humans to an injured dog who was abandoned in the wild.

“Teddy ran into the bushes and began to bark. Then he ran back to us. Then back into the bushes. And he did it until we got there,” 25-year-old Pavel told Good News Network.

After taking the dog to the shelter, Pavel and 24-year-old Varya realized that even though they knew the pup was in good hands, they wanted to know what would happen to her in the future.

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“The dog had a broken leg and had wounds,” added Pavel. “Fortunately, our friends took the dog home [from the shelter].”

Teddy Food has since connected to 7 shelters in Russia, but they plan on expanding further into the USA, Japan, Germany, the UK, Austria, Australia, and others. The company currently has a Kickstarter that will be raising funds over the summer for their international expansion and the creation of a mobile app.

“Our mission is to make supporting homeless pets as easy as watching a YouTube video,” says Pavel. “We want to make it possible for anyone to help with just a few clicks. We want there to be more true heroes saving our little brother’s lives every day!”

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