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This mother and her two children were disgusted by the trend of recently erected beds of spikes designed to prevent homeless people sleeping in front of buildings – so they fought back with cushions and food.

Jennie Platt saw the installment of the spikes in front of the Pall Mall Court in Manchester, England on the local news. So, Jennie recruited her 11 and 10-year-old sons George and Sam for a Sunday shopping mission.

The trio bought pillows and chocolate bars from Primark before heading to the mall and covering the intrusive spikes. They also left sandwiches and a cardboard sign reading “Take a seat and have a bite to eat”.

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“I thought it was really mean and a Scroogey thing to do, it is really unnecessary,” Platt told the Manchester Evening News. “It’s a spot where people can keep warm and sheltered, people don’t need to be that mean.”

After significant public outcry, the spikes were removed 48 hours after they had been installed.

City center spokespeople condemned the spikes and said that they would work with the building managers concerning the homeless visitors.

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