Bannock lady bakes bread-Kim Catcheway-photoOver the last year Althea Guiboche has run out of money and run out of baking supplies, but she has never stopped giving away free bread and soup to the city’s homeless every week.

The aboriginal single mother of seven was even forced by the province to become trained in food-handling if she wanted to continue, but now she has an official certificate and she cooks inside a commercial kitchen at the community center — all toward the goal of becoming more compassionate and giving.

“I was just raised like that,” she told Shaw TV Winnipeg.

Her project is called “Got Bannock”, named for the warm bread she delivers on a Main Street corner every week. For a time, she partnered with “Chile from the Heart”, started by another Winniped woman to bring hot chile to the homeless.

(WATCH the video or READ the story, w/ photos, at CBC News)

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