A groom burst out in hysterical laughter at the altar when he turned​ to ​look at his bride ​on their wedding day and found​​​​​ his bearded best man standing there instead.

32-year-old David Hofmann was expecting to see his wife-to-be Brianne Dennis​​ in her white gown, but to his surprise, she had traded places with their friend 37-year-old Timmy Horton.

Photographer Anna Morrison captured the moment David almost collapsed in hysterical laughter after seeing his bearded pal squeezed into a dress and wearing a veil.

David, who works as an electrician, said: “Right in that moment, I was anxious. I was trying to calm my nerves because I was about to see my bride for the first time.

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“I was expecting to see Brianne and I turned around to see Timmy in a wedding dress.

“He was pale and hairy and we love each other very much, but not in that way. I was falling down laughing.”

29-year-old Dennis and Horton plotted their prank after they saw some funny wedding gags online.


While the bride was reluctant at first, she eventually came around and suggested tricking Hofmann during a fake “first look” photoshoot.

The “first look” refers to a wedding tradition where brides may debut their look to their husband-to-be moments before walking down the aisle.

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Dennis, who lives with David in Marysville, Washington along with her 4-year-old son, said: “I really wanted a serious ceremony at first. I didn’t want any of their shenanigans on the day, but a few months down the road, I changed my mind.”


On the special day, an emotional Hofmann waited anxiously while Horton slipped into a spare wedding dress and donned a delicate chiffon veil.

Then, the dolled up trickster tapped the groom on his shoulder as friends and family looked on, trying to stifle their giggles.

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Horton, who lives in Snohomish, said: “I was really nervous and anxious because it’s my best friend and I love the bride and groom so much.

“[But] when it happened, I just couldn’t restrain myself and I burst out laughing. I think it really broke the ice and the tension.”


​Moments after the prank, Hofmann got to see his real bride for the first time and was overcome with emotion, saying: “Brianne has always been beautiful so I didn’t expect anything less.

“There had been so much building up to that moment that when I first saw her, all of a sudden I just felt complete. I’ll remember the day and that moment forever.”

Hofmann and Dennis went on to tie the knot in a ceremony surrounded by their loved ones at Lord Hill Farms in Snohomish on November 17th.


“When I look at the photos I’m really happy. I’m so glad we did it. It was hilarious,” says the now Mrs. Hofmann.

Photographer Anna, a close friend of the couple, added: “We made a forever memory and laughed so hard, everyone was crying.”

(WATCH the amusing video below) – Photos by SWNS

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