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The real treat this ice cream man peddles is teaching others to pay it forward.

The “Creamcycle Dude,” James Karagiannis, sells frozen treats for a dollar from his pedal-powered cart in under-served neighborhoods of Buffalo, New York.

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He felt bad whenever kids couldn’t afford the cost, so he started giving away the treats for free if they could answer a history or math question — and giving them hints to help. As people found out about the Dude’s generosity, they began sending money to pay for the treats he gives away.

So far, more than $6,000 have been donated, but he’s also an additional lesson to the curriculum for his little customers — he’s asking them to write “thank you” letters to the donors whenever they take a frozen treat.

Karagiannis has been so surprised by all the attention and donations, he hasn’t been checking the total that’s come in.

“I’m terrified to look,” Karagiannis told the Buffalo News. “That’s a lot of ice cream to give out.”

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It’s also a lot of thank you notes to write and gratitude to inspire.

The Creamcycle Dude says he’ll use any leftover money for youth programs in the community.

(READ more at the Buffalo News) — Photos: James Karagiannis, Facebook

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