barber for homelessFor the last 25 years, the man known as Joe the Barber has been offering homeless people in Hartford, Connecticut free haircuts in the park. They walk away sporting a new look, but also with new pride.

For payment? He’ll take a hug.

In 1988 he began offering his services to those in need after he had just retired. Inspiring words from a church sermon gave him the idea that if he could change the appearance of those less fortunate, maybe they could experience the world a little kinder.

He began in shelters and nursing homes, moved to the YMCA, but eventually the 82-year-old settled on an outdoor location near Bushnell Park.

Every Wednesday, unless he is on holiday in Florida, the nearby wooden benches are packed with homeless people — and any other people — waiting for a relaxing haircut and a shave.

(WATCH the video from Fox-CT, or READ the story from Good Morning America)

Thanks to Jaime Sotis for submitting the link!


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