Rob Marriner had been homeless for 33 years – and he had not had a hot shower in over 10.

That all changed, however, when he moved into a cozy Sunnyvale, Auckland home in New Zealand earlier this week with a flatmate.

The 54-year-old had been living on the streets since 1984, restlessly sleeping in alleys, looking for food, and surviving how he could. But after working with Taniwha Tales, an organization that helps homeless people find their place in society, Rob finally has a home to call his own.

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According to Stuff New Zealand, Rob stood under the hot spray of the shower head until the water ran cold. Then, he took a 9 hour nap – the longest uninterrupted sleep he has had in decades.

Rob was reportedly so confused by home living, he ate cold pie during his first night in the residence because he couldn’t figure out how to turn on the oven.

“We left our pies in the oven for two hours and still ended up having them cold,” Rob told Stuff NZ. “I did not know there was a switch.”

Though it will take some adjustment to get used to his new home, Rob said that having his own home is not a luxury that he is going to take for granted.

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