Benny the Dog in DIY Wheelchair screenshot KCAL

When a woman couldn’t afford the expensive tests and surgery for her little dog, her boyfriend came up with a $40 solution that got the Pomeranian-mix back on his feet.

Benny, a three-year-old, woke up one morning, unable to use his hind legs. A veterinarian told Briana Ibarra that an MRI and surgery could cost more than $8,000 or she could buy a custom wheelchair for $1,000.

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In either case it was money the young woman didn’t have.

That’s when boyfriend James Paniagua and the Internet came to Benny’s rescue.

Paniagua did a quick search for do-it-yourself dog wheel carts and went to work.

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His solution cost about $40 — most of that buying a $20 scooter just to salvage the wheels. There was another five bucks for Velcro straps and eight more for PVC pipes, joints, and cement.

Benny’s finished chariot isn’t pretty, but the little dog doesn’t seem to mind — he’s as free-wheeling as ever.

(WATCH the video below from KCAL News) — Photo: news video

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