When the Ruby Tuesday’s where Kevan Finley worked at was shut down, he wasn’t able to find another job in the area – so he continued being a cook at another branch 9 miles away from his home.

Since Kevan didn’t have a car, however, he had to walk 10 hours a day for a round trip 18-mile journey, 6 days a week.

His new co-workers at the restaurant in Mentor, Ohio didn’t find out about his strenuous trek until about three months after he had started working there.

WATCHSimple Act of Kindness Marks His Third Day on the Job

Kevan supposedly has a sunny, cheerful attitude and never complains about his circumstances, so the staff decided to surprise him with the gift that he deserved.

The workers started driving him home while they were secretly raising money through a Go Fund Me campaign to buy the 30-year-old cook a car. In just 17 days, the restaurant raised over $8,000 for the dedicated man.

Though Kevan has already passed the state exam, he still needs to take the road test to get his license – when he does, however, the first thing he plans on doing is buying a truck with auto insurance and setting aside some money for repairs in the future.

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