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You may be educated on the history of WWII and the Holocaust, but have you heard about the unsung Islamic heroes who saved lives?

In a campaign to shine a light on the martyrs of one of the largest genocides in history, I Am Your Protector hosted events in several cities around to world to commemorate Muslims on International Holocaust Day for their services


Geneva, New York City, Tirania, and Washington D.C. all held interfaith ceremonies featuring testimonials, stories, and candle-lit vigils for these little-known Islamic protectors.

Noor Inayat Khan was a wireless operator who spied for the Allies in Nazi-occupied France. Up until her arrest in 1944, Noor was an unwavering supporter of the resistance fighters.

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The Islamic diplomat Abdol Hossein Sardari helped 2,000 Jews escape the Nazi regime by convincing the fascists that the Jews were actually Aryan and by issuing unauthorized Iranian passports to the refugees.

During the reign of King Zog I as King of Albania, all the country’s borders were opened to immigrating Jews escaping the Nazis. Albania was the only country in Europe that had more Jews after the end of WWII than before it.

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While Ismail Necdet Kent was working as a Turkish vice-consul, he issued dozens of Turkish Jews in France proper identity papers to avoid deportation.

“Hatred becomes legitimate and acceptable when a group is depicted as monolithic and… is perceived as representing a threat,” says the organization’s website. “From bullying to genocide, and everything in between, we can either be silent and turn our heads the other way, or speak up and stand up for each other.”

To see more of the Islamic Holocaust heroes, visit the Alarabiya website.

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