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Good News in History, March 12

50 years ago today, Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman, forming a union that would last 29 years until her death at age 56 from...

Científicos Han Desarrollado Un Nuevo Material que es Flexible y Elástico pero Fuerte como el Acero

Una nueva fibra de alta tecnología combina la elasticidad del caucho con la fuerza del metal. Ha sido desarrollada por científicos en Estados Unidos. El...

Man Reunites Senior With His Pup After Standing On a Street Corner With ‘Lost Dog’ Sign for 3 Hours

A 40-year-old man is being hailed as a hero – and a stud – after he stood out on a street corner with a “Lost Dog” sign in hand for three hours.

Homeless Man’s Life Completely Changes After He Pays Back Animal Shelter That Kindly Cared for His Dog

Pete has never stopped repaying an animal shelter who kindly took in Buster during their bout with homeless—and strangers rewarded his integrity, big time.

Scientists Have Developed New Material That is as Flexible as Elastic But Tough as Steel

We may soon have fabrics and clothing that is as stretchy as a rubber band while simultaneously being as durable as steel.

UPS Driver Hailed a Hero for Following His Gut and He Hopes Other Drivers Will Do the Same

If Tom Holland had not been listening to his instincts, he may not have been able to rescue one of his customers during their time of need.

Appalachian Coal Miners Who Lost Their Jobs Are Being Retrained as Beekeepers – for Free

As a means of lifting former coal miners out of poverty, this West Virginia nonprofit is retraining them to be beekeepers.

After Listening to Mom’s Instinct to Buy a Lottery Ticket, Former White House Chef Will Feed Homeless With Winnings

Though Chef Roberto Mendoza has spent his illustrious career serving meals to US presidents and A-list celebrities, he is now using his recent lottery...

Good News in History, February 1

Today is the first day of Black History Month in the United States. It marks the day four black college students began to stage their...

After Days Spent Lost in Freezing Rain, Rescued 3-Year-old Thanks a Bear for Allegedly Keeping Him Safe

This little boy spent two days lost in the woods amidst freezing temperatures and pouring rain – and he allegedly survived thanks to a furry friend.

After He Suffered From String of Bad Luck, Watch Families Open Their Hearts to Crossing Guard

When their beloved crossing guard experienced a string of bad luck, these teachers, students, and staffers all pitched in to show him some love.

Stranger Drives 2,300 Miles So He Can Reunite Beloved Dog With Boy Recovering From Surgery

When an 8-year-old boy recovering from brain surgery expressed how much he missed his dog, a stranger volunteered to make the 2,300-mile journey.

Kidnapper Got More Than He Bargained for When He Chased Woman into Karate Dojo

This alleged kidnapper will probably think twice before attempting to challenge a karate sensei's authority in the future.

Instead of Running, These Inmates Rush to Aid Their Supervisor Who Collapsed From Stroke Along a Roadside

These three inmates could have taken advantage of their security supervisor's medical emergency earlier this week – but instead, they stayed by his side...

Man Donated Hundreds of Thousands of Miles to Strangers, Reuniting Families for the Holidays

And his donation inspired dozens of other frequent fliers to donate their airline miles as well.

Veteran and His Wife Donate All of Their Worldly Possessions to California Firefighters

A compassionate combat veteran and his wife are donating almost all of their worldly possessions to firefighters who were combatting the blaze in Paradise,...

Amidst Bomb Threat Evacuation, NBA Player Stops to Carry Neighbor’s Child Down 46 Flights

When asked for comment about the incident, he simply chuckled, saying: “I'm just a good Samaritan, not a hero.”

Good News in History, December 17

115 years ago today, the Wright Brothers made the first controlled, sustained flight of a motorized, heavier-than-air vehicle piloted by Orville in the Wright...

‘Walking Dead’ Star Gives Happy Ending to Emu and Donkey That Refused to Be Separated

Jack the donkey and Diane the emu have been given a loving forever home after famous TV star, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, heard about their special relationship and couldn't bear to see them separated.

Good News in History, November 1

80 years ago today, an undersized horse named Seabiscuit defeated War Admiral in a miracle upset victory, winning The Match of the Century while uplifting the spirits...