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helping others for a smile-TrueStoryASA

Making the Homeless Smile Will Get Everyone Smiling

New York YouTube pranksters Adam and Sheikh usually make humorous or taunting videos, such as "Meet a Muslim" or "Pretending to Be a Celebrity"....
homeless makeover Vitalyzd TV

Watch Homeless Man’s Joy at Being Given New Wardrobe and Haircut

On the YouTube channel, Vitalyzd TV, a comedy prankster named Vitaly wanted to show he was essentially a good guy with a heart, so...
singing at the gas pump-Tonight Show

Gas Pump Camera Ambushes Couple Whose Singing Lands Them on the Tonight Show

Would you sing a song for a man speaking from a gas pump? Will did -- and his impromptu performance so impressed the Tonight Show...
Two lively seniors - Photo by Sun Star

In Their 20’s Pro Soccer Players Housed in Retirement Village Find Joy

When two teammates on the Washington Spirit women's pro soccer team, learned where they would live this summer, they thought someone was playing a...
lottery Powerball winners missouri

Powerball Winners Give Back to Nearby Community

The Dearborn, Mo., couple who won a share of the largest jackpot in Powerball history plan to use their money to help a nearby...

Internet Comes Together to Celebrate Stranger on His 90th Birthday

An old man's photo was anonymously posted to an infamous internet site known for targeting people and pulling pranks. But sometimes, the hive mind...

Artist’s Fake Freeway Sign Becomes Official Public Service

Artist Richard Ankrom took it upon himself in 2001 to install a new highway number on a Los Angeles freeway sign to help ease...

Man Finds Apt Filled with Christmas Gifts, but Packages Aren’t What They Seem

It's Christmas morning, and I found this funny Christmas prank in the news that made me laugh out loud!! Hope this tickles your...

Halloween Candy Safe, After All

It is time we de-bunked the myth that trick-or-treat candy is in need of an x-ray before our children are allowed to dig in....