This pizza delivery driver went above and beyond the call of duty after his car broke down earlier this month – and his grateful customer is making sure that he is properly repaid for his kindness.

Ashley Schafer was at her home in Flint, Michigan when she decided to order some Domino’s pizzas for her husband’s dinner. Sometime around midnight, however, she was confused to see that the pizza had left the store at 11:24PM – and it still had not arrived.

“An hour later I still had no pizza and was about to call when there was a knock,” says Schafer. “It was a manager informing me that the delivery driver’s car had broken down, a deaf young man named Benjamin, and he was worried.”

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23-year-old Ben Houston had indeed been on his way with the order when his car broke down. Because his cell phone had recently stopped working as well, he had no way of contacting Schafer or the Domino’s store about his predicament.

Houston then started knocking on nearby doors in order to see if he could use someone’s phone. Eventually, a man answered the door and let Houston call his manager.

“He deserves a round of applause…” says Houston. “Not sure what your name is, but unsung hero, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for having patience with me and not closing the door on me.”

Houston then waited for one of his team members to pick him up from his broken down car. After waiting a long time, however, he decided to go ahead and deliver the pizza to the customer’s house.

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Then, on the way to Schafer’s house, he saw one of his coworkers drive past. He rushed back to his car only to find that the coworker still wasn’t there. For the second time that night, he started hiking back over to the woman’s house.

Finally, he was able to give her the pizza.

“Half an hour later there was another knock, it was Ben with my pizza who was apologizing profusely and explaining what happened,” wrote Schafer. “I said I’d heard, I completely understand and it was not a problem at all.”

After taking the pizza inside, she looked out the window and was surprised to see Houston hiking back down the road.

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“He had WALKED me my pizza. If I wasn’t alone with two young kids asleep I would’ve went after him. I immediately called the store to let them know so they could go find this amazing young man.”

“It might seem silly, but in a world that right now feels tumultuous and full of hate and in a city where itself and its people are constantly put down, there was this bright light that was Ben. He went far above and beyond, caring more about getting me a stupid pizza then staying at his car and waiting for help.”

Schafer has since started a GoFundMe page which has already raised $2,000 for either “keeping him on the road … or new shoes for when he goes above and beyond”.

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