old man at home-GoFundMe-Jack PotterAs 91-year-old John “Jack” Potter faced eviction from the house he built and lived in for 56 years, his granddaughter decided to act. She set up a donation campaign on the website, Go Fund Me, and her story about the WWII combat vet losing his home attracted more than 5000 people who gave $138,000.

“Grandpa is amazed at all of the love and support,” said his granddaughter Jaclyn. “He told me, ‘I never knew people could love an old man so much.'”

In addition to having fought in The Aleutian Islands campaign, Jack is also a former Sheriff of Vinton County, a 65-year Master Freemason and Mayor of Zaleski, Ohio, where he has lived for a more than half a century.

The sad story is worse than a normal foreclosure. Jack’s own daughter took control of the house and is now forcing him into a nursing home. She claims to need the money from the home sale and her daughter, Jaclyn, is trying to buy the house for her grandpa. The video she posted to the fund-raising site shows the elderly gentleman to be quite lucid and quick witted.

There are other saviors too, like an attorney who helped guide Jaclyn through the maze of paperwork, and a neighbor, Linda Webb, who has been like a second daughter to the Potters.

“When (his daughter) tried to force him into a nursing home over two and a half years ago, Linda closed up her home and moved in with him to help him and still lives with him today,” says the donation page. “She is a rare person so caring, giving, selfless and amazing.”

(WATCH the video below or visit the GoFundMe page)

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