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Yesterday was ‘National Thank a Police Officer Day’ and communities in the United States went out of their way to show appreciation for law enforcement.

One little boy who did that very well last week, didn’t even know about the national day that was created in 2012 by a Chicago-based law firm to help cast police in a more positive light.

The child in Weston, Florida was determined to buy–what else–Dunkin’ Donuts for one sheriff’s deputy as soon as he saw him enter the restaurant.cop mows lawn Downtown Kalamazoo Cops facebook

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“Shocked and flattered, I declined,” wrote Deputy Donnie Jackson on Facebook. “His parents insisted saying, when you walked into the door, he insisted on buying your breakfast because he appreciates the thankless job you do!“

The cop later posted on the Broward Sheriff’s Office Facebook page the selfie he took with the boy on his motorcycle.wheelchair_surveillence-Vancouver-police

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He was glad he was wearing dark shades because the youthful expression of gratitude made him “really tear up.”

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