Savannah Pritchett has quite likely saved a woman’s life after she made several split second decisions that led to the arrest of four kidnappers.

Pritchett, who works as a cashier at a gas station in Waterford, California, was working an afternoon shift last Wednesday when a woman came into the store with a chilling plea.

The woman grabbed Pritchett’s wrist and asked for help, saying that she had been kidnapped by four men, two of whom were armed with guns.

Thinking on her feet, Pritchett locked the front door of the store, took the woman into the bathroom, handed her her cell phone and told her to call the police. She then locked the woman in the bathroom, and as she walked back to the front of the store, she saw the kidnappers trying to open the door.

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Pritchett unlocked the front door, told the kidnappers that the woman was in the bathroom, and pretended like everything was normal.

“I knew that if I left the door locked, they would have caught on to something and probably took off. So I went back up there, and I unlocked the door. They seriously had no idea that I knew anything,” Pritchett told KFSN.

Minutes later, law enforcement burst into the store and took two of the kidnappers into captivity. According to reports, two other juveniles were later arrested in correlation to the kidnapping. The four delinquents are believed to have ties to gang activity and other recent crimes in the area.

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Police officials are calling Pritchett a hero for her quick thinking – but the cashier says that she is simply grateful to help a stranger in need.

“I’m very thankful that I got to help that girl and I am very thankful that she’s home safe with her family and now I’m happy that they got those guys off the street,” Pritchett told ABC News.

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