Sudan family reunited screenshot IRC

A dying man’s wish to see his children reunited, years after a war separated them from their parents, came true—and just in time for Father’s Day.

Following a refugee group’s successful effort to reunite them, the man named Mawa collapsed to the floor when he saw his children for the first time in a decade and the five kids — some grown to adulthood — raced to hug him in a tearful reunion.

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Mawa and his Wife Nora had fled Sudan’s civil war with their five children, seeking refuge in Egypt. After years of waiting there, the couple were allowed to come to America in 2005, but their children were forced to stay behind, for reasons not disclosed at this time.

Shortly after arriving in America, Mawa was diagnosed with kidney failure. As the condition worsened, his desire to see his children only strengthened.

Nora contacted the International Rescue Committee, which set to work finding the five, and eventually dealing with bureaucracies to bring them to America.

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All five were reunited with their parents in Baltimore, Maryland, earlier this year.

“Today is a miracle day in my life, I am very happy,” he says in the video below.

(WATCH the inspiring reunion below) — Photo: IRC

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