– credit Strong Island Animal Rescue, Facebook

This little nugget went through quite the ordeal after falling down a storm drain near Port Jefferson Station on Long Island, NY.

After someone heard mewing coming from the opening of the storm drain, rescuers were called to the scene. Strong Island Animal Rescue then worked with local police to move a 5,000-pound concrete slap atop the drain that would allow them to reach the kitten.

Using large jacks, and then a hydraulic rescue tool called “the Jaws of Life,” they were able to reach the young one 30 feet down.

“The feeling we had while getting him out was similar to Raiders of the Lost Ark when they removed the slab from the well of the souls to get the ark. Well getting this kitten felt the same way when were moving the slab to get a treasure as well this little kitten!” the rescue foundation wrote in a Facebook post.

They added that the kitty, whom they have named Lawrence, is coming along very quickly after being taken to Jefferson Animal Hospital, and that they will have him ready for adoption in no time.

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