Mick Tutton (center) with residents in St. Albans – SWNS

Grateful residents have raised thousands for a popular milkman who is retiring after nearly half a century. They’re helping him out until his state pension kicks in next year.

Mick Tutton has been delivering jugs to doorsteps in the neighborhood of St. Michaels in St Albans, a historic town 25 miles north of London, England, since 1976.

Known as ‘Mick the Milk’, the community saw him as much more than only a cheery milkman—he was the unofficial security guard, a social worker, football pundit, and cheerleader for local residents.

But the 65-year-old decided to take the opportunity to retire after his decades-old electric milk truck broke down beyond repair.

When local residents heard he was retiring they arranged a special fundraising night at the local pub and raised $20,000 (£15,280) as a retirement present.

Mick won’t receive his state pension until next year, so the town’s donations will be a bridge for him until then.

More than 100 residents signed an online card wishing him a happy retirement.

“Mick has been an integral part of our community, working through the night in all weather to deliver day in, day out to our doorsteps,” said organizer Kate Crick, who also lives in the Hertfordshire area.

“But he was so much more than our milkman. He looked out for people, especially the elderly, and became a family friend to many of us. Our children have grown up knowing and loving him, and our dogs too.

Mick Tutton delivered milk for 47years – SWNS

“Mick always carried some doggie treats – they got so excited when they saw him coming down the road.

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“When we started this collection, we couldn’t have dreamed we would raise more than £15,000 for our dear friend Mick.

“The huge size of the collection is testament to the love and regard in which Mick was held by the residents of the streets he served.”

Apart from cheering up residents, Mick ran in the St. Albans half-marathon for many years, raising thousands of pounds for charity.

And, in 1999, Mick was awarded his MBE in the Queen’s birthday honors list for his service to the community.

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His father was a milkman and Mick followed in his footsteps as a 16-year-old apprentice.

“I’m grateful he made me do it, as I’ve had a wonderful career, meeting a community full of wonderful people,” Mick told SWNS news.

By the time he retired at the end of March, he was delivering milk to 600 houses a week.

“My wife and I are using the money to help pay our rent, and to potentially visit our daughter’s husband’s family in Brazil.

“At the moment I’m enjoying having the free time to spend with my granddaughter Florence, but it goes without saying I’m already missing seeing everyone everyday.

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“I’ve never been somewhere where there is so much love and compassion and I’ve had an incredible 47 years serving the community.”

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