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Cat Cafe Offers Coffee and Animal Adoption in NYC

For the next four days, a Cat Café will open in New York City as a place to grab a cappuccino, pet a few...

When Animal Shelter Uses Area 51 Internet Meme to Appeal for Adoptions, They Are Flooded With Support

With millions of internet pranksters rallying to “storm Area 51”, an Oklahoma animal shelter has used the meme to find forever homes for dozens of dogs.

More Than 800 Animals Find Loving Homes Thanks to One Woman Paying All Adoption Fees

Kim Pacini-Hauch doesn't care about what price she has to pay – she just wants to make sure that every shelter pet in Sacramento has a loving home.

Adoption Rates Up, Euthanasia Down in Canadian Animal Shelters

This new survey of Canadian animal shelters shows an exciting decline in euthanasia and intake, while adoption rates have gone up.

Crazy-Successful Adoption Event Empties Out Entire Animal Shelter

There’s nothing quite like the site of an empty animal shelter. The silence from cages that last week held 100 homeless animals speaks volumes about...

Instead of Sad Ads for Animal Rescue, Happy Dogs Walking Humans See 100% Adoption

Most pet adoption campaigns make us feel pity for the animals but in this one, it was the sad humans working all day in...

Ellen Unveils US Postal Stamps of Actual Shelter Animals to Promote Adoption

The Postmaster General unveiled new Animal Rescue commemorative postage stamps on the Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, launching the Stamps to the Rescue promotional campaign. The...

Another US State Has Just Made Shelter Pets Their Official State Animal

The designation is expected to encourage state residents to adopt animals from local shelters, rather than buying them from breeders.

Cat Running Across a Baseball Field Triggers a Movement That Saved 38,000 Animals

Evie the cat became a televised superstar when she ran across the baseball field 28 years ago – but more importantly, she became the inspiration for a life-saving movement.

California Becomes First State to Ban Pet Shop Sales of Non-Rescued Animals

The bill has become the first statewide piece of legislation to take a direct stance against puppy mills and the sale of commercially bred animals.

Student Drives into Hurricane Path to Rescue Animals at Risk

These two pups were stranded in the path of Hurricane Harvey with very few rescue prospects – until Connor showed up. This was no ordinary...

San Francisco Bans Sale of Non-Rescue Animals at Pet Stores

This is one pawesome victory for California animals without a home. In a unanimous vote passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, city pet...

Monastery Recruits Cute Fluffy Friar to Encourage Adoptions

This pawesome pupper is a prime example of this monastery's teachings – and he's adorable too. The friars at this Franciscan monastery in Cochabamba, Bolivia worship...

Woman is Paying All Shelter Adoption Fees Until 2017 So Pets Can Find Forever Homes

This Californian real estate agent doesn't care how much money it takes – she's making sure that every shelter pet has a home for the holidays.

Hero Pit Bull Up For Adoption After Saving Woman from Knife Attack

Carla Welch may have been in real trouble if she hadn't been saved by a courageous 7-year-old pit bull appropriately named Hero.

Disabled Dog Was Never Chosen For Adoption Until He Met Girl With Same Birth Defect

A dog born with a rare birth defect had waited a long time for an adoption that never came. It turns out the wait...

Community Rallies to Assist York Animal Shelter After Devestating Fire

"In the last two days, since a fire destroyed three structures at the York-area animal shelter and adoption center, killing 16 dogs, countless visitors,...
pit bull tator tot and boy - family photo

Rescued Pit Bull Named TatorTot Saves Boy 4 Days After Adoption

Christi Smith saved a pit bull pup from certain death at the hands of Animal Control. Four days later, the dog repaid her by...
Photo of ginger cat by Hotblack via Morguefile

Cat Saves Woman From Seizure Within Hours of its Adoption

A Wisconsin woman adopted a large orange cat and within hours of bringing him home the feline rescued her from an insulin seizure. Amy...
Photo led to dog adoption

Photographer’s Talent Rescues Abandoned Animals

A professional photographer focused her talent on the plight of homeless dogs. Now her photos persuade hundreds of families to fall in love with...