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I tearfully choked out: “Was she a rescue cat? Was she orange and black? Was her full name Ms. Myrakle?” Linda said yes.

I was stunned. What were the unbelievable odds?

“We fostered and named Ms. Myrakle for the Humane Society,” I said. “It took three days to gently clip all her tangled fur mats. When the last vicious ball that was preventing the movement of her back leg to its full extension was clipped off, she lifted her head off my lap and looked into my eyes as if to say, ‘Thank you!’

“Then she slowly stretched her leg out for the first time – in a long time. She was the sweetest cat. She never fought with our cats and always accepted my daughter’s two dogs.

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“But sadly, we had to give her back to the shelter when I had surgery. It was a tearful goodbye. We have wondered what happened to her, even after all these years. Just this morning I was reminiscing about her while looking at the newspaper article I had written while trying to find her a loving home.”

Linda, now also crying, recounted her life with Ms. Myrakle, “Four years ago I told my husband, Gene, that I wanted a cat for my birthday. We saw Ms. Myrakle on the shelter’s website. Persians have lovely personalities, and we liked how her name was spelled – so we went right over and adopted her. She was elderly, had only a few teeth, so we knew she would be a challenge. Gene would get down on the floor and hand feed her soft foods. We both loved her, she was the sweetest cat.

She told me they live close to this store, but usually never come in on a busy weekend. She had no idea why she changed her habit today.

“While driving here, I was feeling grief because it’s been a year, this week, since Myrakle passed from old age. I miss her and our other cat, and it’s the oddest thing, they both died the same week, but a year apart.”

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What Linda said next left me speechless: “Our other cat’s name was Angel.”

I had to grab her litter-filled buggy for balance. As the author of the online Angels and Miracles newsletter for twenty years and teaching others to ‘Expect Miracles’ (which is name of my first book) this divine encounter by the kitty litter was an unexpected moment of overwhelming joy.

For a day that started off “normally,” it had a remarkable miraculous ending!

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Linda and I believed that Ms. Myrakle’s love had brought us together to assuage our grief and thank us for the gift of loving her, and we discussed our feelings.

As soon as Linda arrived home she told her husband, “I had the most amazing thing happen at the pet store.” He said, “Oh NO!” And began looking around for a newly adopted pet! She laughed and told him it was someone she had met.

Linda and I are now good friends, united by a cat in heaven.

Mary Ellen “Angel Scribe” lives a life of miracles and is author of “A Christmas Filled With Miracles: Inspiring Stories for the Magic of the Seasons.” An international pet columnist. Her swimming cats were featured on Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats and Anderson Cooper. Find more heart warming, inspirational miracle stories on her website and Facebook pages: Angel Scribe and Pet Tips and Tales. 


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