This 93-year-old man might be the new successor of Willy Wonka.

Every Saturday for the last 11 years, Bob Williams has gone to his local Dollar General store in Long Grove, Iowa so he can take advantage of their special weekly sale.

Since the store offers a $5 discount on any purchase of $25 or more, Williams always buys three Hershey’s chocolate bars – but he never buys them for himself. Instead, he gives two to the store employees and one to the person in line behind him.

Over the course of the last decade, Williams has solidified his role as a local legend by giving away roughly 6,000 chocolate bars to strangers. He has even been nicknamed “The Candy Man”.

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When Hershey’s heard about Williams’s chocolate-driven campaign to make his neighbors happy, they promised to keep his fridge stocked with as many chocolate bars as he could give away. They also shot a promotional video for Williams’s generosity in which they interviewed city residents.

“I don’t think he realizes the effect he has on people,” said one adoring town local of Williams. Another one remarked that he’s “teaching all of us how to pay it forward.”

The Candy Man, on the other hand, says that he is simply happy to make other people smile.

“You’d think that I’d given them keys to a new car,” Williams told Inside Edition. “They’re thrilled

(WATCH the promotional video below)

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