Photo by Sun StarEveryone has a skill. Now retirees and other talented individuals in London are invited to share their passions by joining “The Amazings”, a new social enterprise that helps people with skills to teach others by way of group classes and activities.

The website explains, “We handle the advertising and payments – all the Amazing has to do is decide when they want to run their experience, turn up, be amazing, and then collect the cash.”

Upcoming scheduled classes include “Introduction to Crochet,” “Steel Pan Drumming” and “Cooking Hungarian Food”.

The website, run by a trio of young entrepreneurs, offers gift vouchers for classes, which start at just £10. They see it as a way for people to make a bit of extra cash, and in the process enrich the lives of others.

“She gave great advice,” one pupil said of the teacher in her “Alterations Workshop” in February. “In the process we also transformed three items of clothing.”

Co-founder Katie Harris told the website HowToHome, “We initially were just going to work with the retired but when we started doing the on-street research what we found was a variety of amazing people who wanted to share their skills.”

Katie says it’s all about community, and there are more ideas planned for branching out. “The thing is we want it to be a real social thing, and we’re going to try running a social evening for the current Amazings, where we meet in a different pub each time – the Amazings can come together, people that might want to go on the course can come and chat to the Amazings, new Amazings can come and learn about the experience of other Amazings.”

Interested Londoners should check the website often for more classes in foraging, dancing, Thai Chi and more, at

Photo by Sun Star

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