This little boy believes that though his parents are gone, they are not far away – in fact, he believes that they are just over the rainbow.

Robbie Ecuyer, a 9-year-old autistic boy from New York, absolutely loves rainbows. His mother Shelley, who was suffering from gastroparesis and cystic fibrosis, always used to tell him that if anything happened to her, she would be crossing a rainbow bridge into heaven.

So when Shelley passed away in May – just two weeks after her husband Robert died of an overdose – a family member was shocked to see a double rainbow stretching over Robbie’s school on the very same day. She snapped a photo with the intention of showing it to Robbie later that day.

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He was so excited to see the stunning picture, he started going outside every time it rained so he could look for more rainbows.

After Shelley’s sister Crystal Skawinski was given custody of the youngster, she took to social media with a plea for strangers to share their own pictures of rainbows for the days when Robbie couldn’t find any.

Under the hashtag #RainbowsForRobbie, over 7,000 people from all over the world have sent in the most dazzling photos of double and single rainbows. Strangers from Romania, Australia, Budapest, Belgium, California, Spain, and the Netherlands have all submitted photos.

The new family has been so excited to receive all the photos, they plan on putting together a scrapbook in order to document all of the different rainbows.

If you want to send your own rainbow photo, click here.

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