WaitressTipFairy-YouTubeTwo video pranksters, Andrew Hales and Stuart Edge, teamed up to bring happiness to three deserving coffee shop servers in Orem, Utah. After asking them to name the biggest tip they ever got, they trumped it by leaving $200, and then hid outside in the bushes to record their surprised reactions through the window.

The resulting 2-minute, 25-second clip has tallied more than 5 million views on YouTube since it was posted four days ago, earning the pair media attention and also a nice “tip” due to the advertising revenue generated by so many people watching their video.

Hales describes it as something he’d been wanting to do for some time, perhaps being inspired by “Aaron’s Last Wish” a story about a Kentucky family who tipped a pizza server $500 fulfilling the wish of their dying brother, and the resulting video on YouTube that went viral.

One of the waiters wanted Hales to remind everyone that their work earns them just $2.13 per hour in Utah and leaves them depending on tips.

(WATCH the YouTube video below)


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