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What could be more perfect than using the “sharing economy” to deliver food that people don’t want to those who desperately need it?

That’s what the Unsung app sets out to do. Being tested in Austin, Texas, the app has delivered 1,000 meals that would have otherwise gone into the trash.

The Unsung app works kind of like Uber’s ride-sharing service to “hack hunger,” as it’s creators say.

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Restaurants, grocery stores, or even individuals click on the app to announce they have food to give to the hungry. The app sends the information to nearby volunteer drivers who pick it up and deliver it to people in need.

The app will even calculate the value of your food donation so you can declare it as a tax deductible contribution on your income taxes.

Every meal that’s donated appears on the app’s live feed. This video shows how the app works.


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The app is expected to be available later this year as Unsung works to set up networks of users around the  United States.

(WATCH the video below from Unsung) – Photos: Unsung.org

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