Los Angeles skyline by Nserrano -CCA report by the American Lung Association finds that air pollution has fallen to its lowest levels since the group began collecting data in 2000.

The nonprofit organization credits the Clean Air Act for the trend toward tougher environmental standards for airborne smog and soot and the cleanup of major air pollution sources, such as coal-fired power plants and the fleet of older, dirtier SUVs, pick-up trucks, vans, and diesel engines.

(READ the story in the CS Monitor)

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  1. With cancer growing so much it’s too bad they don’t consider the oxygen reduction as much of a hazard as they do the many innocuous chemicals comprising “air pollution”. Most of the things we do consume oxygen and little effort is put into replenishing it to healthy levels. (an exception: when ones lung function gets bad enough they will provide an oxygen cart for you to drag around)

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