Yesterday afternoon, smiles and hugs filled the front room in this West Detroit home where, just days earlier, somber resolve that a disabled veteran would never see his money, credit cards, or identification again.

Marc Walsh got the news that two girls returned his wallet to a nearby store after finding it in the snow, and he told a local news channel that he really wanted to meet and reward them.

The Detroit Fox News affiliate found the 14-year-old Vincent sisters and arranged a meeting yesterday between the overjoyed veteran and the delighted teens.

Walsh said his faith in humanity was restored, and gave the girls the couple hundred dollars that was in the wallet they returned.

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When the girls saw the military ID card, they thought of their grandfather, a veteran, and said they hoped someone would be respectful, and do the same, if they found his wallet.

“People are saying thank you for turning it in and everything—it’s great,” Makhia told Fox 2.

“I feel really happy and grateful that I could help somebody, because I know other people would have kept the money,” Makyla concluded.

(WATCH the reunion below) – Security Camera footage via FOX2

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