Helping Handless Man Eat FB Reginald Widener

When a man without hands ordered lunch at a Georgia restaurant, a waiter sat with him throughout the meal, feeding him each bite with a smile.

Waiter Alex Ruiz overheard the man asking a customer for help with something, so he slid into the booth across the table and obliged. The young worker smiled and made small talk as he fed the man his entire meal.

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Staff and patrons of the Cinco De Mayo Mexican Grill caught glances of the touching scene, which lasted over half an hour. A regular at the cafe in Douglasville, Reginald Widener, snapped a photo and posted it to Facebook where it’s warmed the hearts of thousands of people and been shared by local media.

“Southern hospitality is real down here,” Widener told CBS News. “People do kind things all the time that’s above and beyond what normally happens.”Feed This Story To Your Friends, Share It…

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