Hundreds of injured and abandoned pups have been rescued from the side of the road – and it’s all thanks to one woman and a dog who she found seven years ago.

Judy Obregon Russell was driving past a well known “dog dumping ground” in Fort Worth, Texas in 2010 when she spotted Mercy – a pit bull with several fractures in her leg – lying on the side of the road.

Judy picked up the hurt pup and took it to a veterinarian for treatment and care. Mercy, who has since been adopted and given a loving home, was only the beginning.

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The dumping ground is due to the nearby dog fighting rings of Echo Lake. Since she first saw spotted Mercy all of those years ago, Judy has stopped by the same road spot every single day to rescue the dogs left behind.

Through her nonprofit, The Abandoned Ones, Judy has helped rescue and rehabilitate over 300 abandoned dogs. Her organization is also rallying for the installation of cameras in the Echo Lake area in order to stop the dog fighting rings.

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