Marguerite Barankitse released Aurora Prize

A woman who risked her life to save 30,000 children has been awarded the first Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity.

Marguerite Barankitse plans to use the one million dollar award for scholarships to send children in East Africa to school and for aiding those wounded in Burundi’s civil war.

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More than 20 years ago, Barankitse lived in that country and turned a Catholic diocese into a refuge for any of the children caught in the murderous tumult—no matter which side of the ethnic fighting they were on. After the war, she opened a hospital for both ethnic groups, Tutsis and Hutus, that has treated 80,000 patients.

The Aurora Prize recognizes individuals who risk their lives in the face of human adversity to protect and save lives. George Clooney was a part of the selection committee that chose Barankitse, and personally presented her with the prize in April.

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“Our values are human values,” Barankitse said in her acceptance speech.

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Photo: Aurora Prize

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