If your cat is too stylish for IKEA, have no fear – there will soon be a new furniture collection designed just for your feline friends.

The kitty decor, which is being made and designed by furniture consortium Okawa Kagu, is actually just smaller versions of the pieces they already manufacture for humans.

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While some cat furniture lines may already exist, Okawa Kagu’s line has a startlingly chic design for even the most sophisticated feline.

Currently, the collection consists of a pine sofa by Hiromatsu Furniture, and a darker wooden cat bed by Tateno Mokuzai.

The sofa and bed are both commercially available through the manufacturer’s respective websites, but they can also be seen on display at the Okawa Terrazza – a showroom in Okawa, Japan which highlights the works of local craftsmen.

The furniture is also a part of Okawa Kagu’s “Craftsman MADE” campaign that features quality work of decor artisans.

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