Denisha Bracey was suffering from a bad case of summertime blues last month, until a very wonderful guy gave her a homemade gift.

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Amid all her struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, her boyfriend did his best to help her cope.

But, his concern blazed the most beautifully on the occasion of the Ontario couple’s two-year anniversary on July 24th.

After he opened Denisha’s gift of a Playstation controller, Riley Rankin presented her with a homemade gift that would make any girlfriend weak in the knees.

He gave her a love prescription.

He took an empty pill bottle and made a new label dated with July 24, 2017, from “Dr. Rankin”. The directions included, “Take one pill as needed.”

He bought empty pill capsules at the pharmacy and stuffed each one with a tiny, carefully rolled up love note until the jar was filled.

Each “love pill” contained a sweet compliment or a reminder of one of her many good qualities:

  • “Be proud of yourself, you are amazing, think of all the things you’ve accomplished!”
  • “Your positivity is so refreshing and inspiring.”
  • “You should run for Miss Universe because DAMN!”

“Once he gave it to me, and explained why he decided to make it because of how I’ve been feeling, I just started bawling,” said Denisha. “I’ve never seen this anywhere [and] I Pinterest a lot! … I am overcome with love for this boy.”

Photos submitted by Denisha Bracy

Riley told GNN: “It took about three hours to get everything together. It was definitely worth the time. I think I read about someone doing something similar in a post on reddit, like 6 months before.”

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“I wanted to make her happy, I wanted her to be able to cope with her anxiety when I’m not around— or even when we’re having argument—or I just can’t be there for her.”

Denisha hopes sharing her story will inspire other people to make a DIY gift for those they care about.

“Gifts don’t have to cost $100 to be meaningful, a couple bucks and some creativity and you’ve got the best gift ever!”

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We’re pretty sure there will be some copycat pills ‘prescribed’ around the world—guaranteed to relieve pain, and earn anyone the title of ‘Best Sweetheart Ever.’

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