hotel cleaner gets 500 tipKyle and Josh from Give Back Films surprised a hotel housekeeper with a pile of cash on the bed, just to make her day. They left a note scrawled with a smiley face and some assurance, ‘This is A Tip for You!’

The duo and their hidden camera have similarly lavished love on a waitress, whom they tipped $200, and people at a market buying groceries at Thanksgiving time, who are told it all is free.

The young woman’s boss says she works really hard and shows great initiative at work.

WATCH the video below…


  1. At the risk of sounding cynical, a true good deed doesn’t involve filming it for publicity. This company knows how to work social media. It’s a well-spent $500, but let’s not pretend it’s charity.

  2. I get your point moretoons, but in a world SATURATED with negativity I relish videos like these. I don’t care if it is charity or true altruism they are making people happy. That is a gift to us all.

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