Shane Drossard is being hailed as a hero after he risked his own life to save a suicidal woman earlier this week.

The homeless man had been camping out under the Washington Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota when he heard a loud splash at 2AM.

As he listened, he heard a woman’s voice coming from the river.

The 35-year-old woman had tried to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge. Though she survived the fall, she got caught in the fast-moving current below.

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Drossard immediately rushed to her aid. According to an interview with WCCO, he got into the water, grabbed the woman’s hand, and used his other hand to anchor the two of them to a wall so they wouldn’t get swept away by the current.

As Drossard waited for help to arrive, he told the woman that she was beautiful; she had so much to live for; he was there for her; and he was not going to let go of her.

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Finally, an emergency crew arrived on the scene and pulled them both out of the water. The woman was taken to the hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Firefighters offered Drossard shelter for the night, but the humble hero insisted on going back to his camp underneath the bridge.

When WCCO asked him why he did what he did, Drossard emotionally responded by saying: “I just wanted to do something good for somebody.”

(WATCH the interview below)

Save Your Friends From Negativity And Share This Incredible Story – Photo by WCCO

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