Muslim Ice Cream Incident 2 Twitter Malaak Ammari

When a customer complained about three young women wearing traditional Muslim head scarves at an ice cream parlor, a worker told him to “go give somebody else your business.”

The California shop’s baker Jessie Noah showed the man to the door as Malaak Ammari, one of the three young women, caught the incident – and Noah’s courage – on video.

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Ms. Noah, who had never witnessed outward bigotry by anyone before, says it was just instinctive to stand up for the women.

The man had been spouting racist and religious insults when Noah stepped in, giving him his money back and kicking him out of Andrew’s Ice Cream and Dessert in Orange County.

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The shop more than made up for the three dollars in lost business. Hundreds of American Muslim supporters turned out Saturday to eat ice cream and thank the staff for taking a stand against hate.

(WATCH the video below from the Huffington Post) — Photo: Malaak Ammari, Twitter

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