While homelessness is still a pressing problem in the United States, there is light on the horizon: 50 American counties and states have successfully ended veteran homelessness.

The milestone was announced yesterday when Will County – a region in northeastern Illinois – declared that they had joined the elite ranks of American communities that have ended veteran homelessness.

Through several partnerships and care programs adopting the “housing first” initiative, 56 homeless veterans were given permanent housing in 2016. In 2017, 45 other vets were given housing.

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“I am proud of the collaborative effort in Will County that is working towards ending homelessness for all of our veterans,” said Will County Executive Larry Walsh. “These veterans have made large sacrifices to protect our freedom and our nation. The very least we can do is assist them in finding permanent housing.”

According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, 47 counties and 3 states are among the communities to have ended veteran homelessness. The three states include Connecticut, Virginia, and Delaware. The 47 counties that have achieved success are divided amongst 26 states, leaving 24 without signs of respective progress.

New York and Florida host the most amount of communities that have ended veteran homelessness without achieving state-wide elimination – but the proximity of completion may vary for each state, depending on the population.

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