Even though thousands of migrants were pouring into Germany at the height of the refugee crisis last year, Lasse Landt of Berlin realized he hadn’t met a single one of them.

The tech entrepreneur figured it was the same for a lot of other Germans, so he teamed up with Syrian programmer Khaled Alaswad to remedy the situation.

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They created “Let’s integrate!” – a website that lets Germans and migrants get to know one another and learn about the other’s culture. Users choose a day and time to meet, wait until someone accepts the invitation, then they meet up to talk.

When they get to the meeting site, you’re supposed to hold up your hands forming an “L” and “I” with the thumb and index fingers — a signal for “Let’s Integrate.” Discussions deal with adjusting to new surroundings, cultural differences, and anything that helps Germans and refugees understand one another better.

More Germans than refugees have signed up for the site, so its creators have started putting up posters promoting the service in refugee centers.

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Twenty-three-year-old Ahmed Haj Ali from Syria discovered the website and took advantage of it. He set up a meeting through “Let’s Integrate!” with Cindy and Paul Spieker –one of his first steps toward learning about German lifestyles, culture, and language.

“When you meet, you realize that they are people like us and there is no need to be worried,” Paul Spieker told the Associated Press.Integrate This Story Into Your Friends’ Feeds, Share It…

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