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Posted by Kayla Christine Palmer on Saturday, November 7, 2015


No shoes, no service – unfortunately that is the bus regulation that barred an older man from getting on a bus Saturday morning.

Luckily for him, a police officer was there to show some compassion and a Payless store was across the street.

Officer Kenya Joyner was cruising through Lindenwold, New Jersey when he was asked by a transit driver to escort a shoeless passenger off of his bus.

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Curious about the man’s dilemma, Officer Joyner asked what happened to his shoes.

After he explained that he simply didn’t own any, Joyner walked across the street to the shoe store to make a purchase.

Just as the policeman delivered a brand new pair of boots into the man’s hands, a woman walking by decided to turn on her camera phone and record the exchange.

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“I just felt like the gentlemen simply was on hard times,” Joyner told KYW-TV. “He wanted to ride on the bus but he couldn’t afford shoes; there was no need for me to arrest him for that.”

The camera lady, Kayla Palmer, uploaded it to Facebook the next day where it has since received over 60,000 views.

Officer Joyner of the Delaware Port Authority is to be honored by Congressman Donald Norcross in Camden next Monday for his heartwarming act of kindness.

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