When a woman couldn’t decide which dogs to rescue from a rundown shelter, she bought the whole place — and intends to save all 250 of them.

Danielle Eden and her husband regularly visit animal shelters, choosing dogs that are living in the worst conditions to bring home to their 50-acre Dog Tales sanctuary in King, Ontario. There, they get long walks, training, and medical care before being placed in new homes.

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She usually selects 10 to 20 dogs in greatest need, but when Danielle saw the pups packed into an Israeli shelter, she realized they were all in deep trouble. Some had been there for years, fighting over scraps of bread and living with rats.

The couple bought the entire shelter on the spot — and Danielle went to work rescuing the dogs.

Since the first of the year, she was able to place 90 of them in homes or other shelters in Israel. She brought 25 of the healthiest dogs back to Dog Tales in Canada.

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Within a week of arriving at the sanctuary, the dogs had gone through an amazing transformation. They began coming out of their shells, learning to trust people again.

Fed healthy diets, they were no longer fighting each other for scraps, but people were practically fighting each other to adopt them. More than half found new homes within three weeks.

Dog Tales plans to bring the remaining 150 dogs to Canada when they are healthy enough.

(WATCH the video below) – Photos: Dog Tales, Facebook

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